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Municipal Government & School Board

Tuesday, March 7
Polls are open 7a.m.-7p.m.

If a runoff necessary, the polls will be open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on April 18, 2017

Voting Locations

Find where your voting poll is located


Registering to Vote

Monday, Feb. 20 is the last day to register to vote for the 2017 municipal elections. The Tuscaloosa County Board of Registrars will be closed Monday, Feb. 20 for President's Day. If you are planning to register in person, the last day is Friday, Feb. 17. Online registration at www.alabamavotes.gov will be available until midnight on Monday, Feb. 20.

Absentee Voter Application

The due date for absentee ballot applications for the 2017 Tuscaloosa Municipal Election is Thursday, March 2. Applications may be turned in to the city clerk's office in person or by U.S. Mail

Absentee ballots received by noon on Tuesday, March 7 (Election Day) must be postmarked by Monday, March 6. Absentee ballots may also be delivered in person to the city clerk's office no later than 5 p.m. Monday, March 6.

Poll Pad Technology
Poll Pad Technology

Poll Pad Technology

The City of Tuscaloosa is excited to announce the adoption of poll pad technology at all voting locations. Poll pad technology eliminates a-k lines and endless amounts of voter registration papers to make the voting process faster, more accurate and to cut down on fraudulent activities. The iPad technology operates using a built in scanner and database to verify voter information, all without being connected to the Internet. For more information please watch the video above.

Elected School Board Members- Results of April 18 Municipal Runoff Elections

District 1

School Board:
Matt Wilson

District 2

School Board:
Kendra Williams

District 5

School Board:
Erica Grant

Qualified Candidates for the 2017 City of Tuscaloosa Municipal Runoff Elections

District 1

School Board:
Que Chandler
Matt Wilson

District 2

School Board:
Ernestine Tucker
Kendra Williams

District 5

School Board:
Beth Cleino Allaway
Erica Grant

Elected Mayor, Council and School Board - Results of March 7 Municipal Election

*Election results not official until canvassing on Tuesday, March 14
Runoff is April 18, 2017
Download Results

City Wide

Mayor: Walt Maddox
Board Chair: Eric Wilson

District 1

Council: Phyllis Wade Odom
School Board: Runoff - Que Chandler and Matt Wilson

District 2

Council: Raevan Howard
Runoff - Erskine Tucker and Kendra Williams

District 3

Council: Cynthia Almond
School Board: Guy May

District 4

Council: Matt Calderon
School Board: Patrick T. Hamner

District 5

Council: Kip Tyner
School Board: Erica Grant and Beth Cleino Allaway

District 6

Council: Eddie Pugh
School Board: Marvin L. Lucas

District 7

Council: Sonya Y. Mckinstry
School Board: Erskine Simmons

Qualified Candidates for the 2017 City of Tuscaloosa Municipal Elections

City Wide

Stepfon "Step" Lewis - Mayor
Walt Maddox - Mayor
Eric M. Wilson - Board Chair

District 1

Willie C. Gordon - City Council
Phyliss Wade Odom - City Council
Que Chandler - School Board
Tony V. Humphries - School Board
Rev. Matt Wilson - School Board
Earnestine Young - School Board

District 2

Raevan Howard - City Council
Harrison "Mailman" Taylor - City Council
Paul W. Sanders, Sr. - School Board
Ernestine Tucker - School Board
Kendra Williams - School Board

District 3

Cynthia Lee Almond - City Council
Guy May - School Board

District 4

Matt Calderone - City Council
Patrick T. Hamner - School Board
Zoe Winston - School Board

District 5

Brett LaFerrera - City Council
Kip Tyner - City Council
Beth Cleino Allaway - School Board
Erica Grant - School Board
Harry C. Lee - School Board
Lauren Wilson - School Board

District 6

Alan "AJ" Johnson - City Council
Eddie Pugh - City Council
Marvin L. Lucas - School Board
Andrew Robertson - School Board

District 7

Sonya Y. McKinstry - City Council
LaQuetta Peoples, M.ED. - School Board
Erksine Simmons - School Board

Qualification dates for spring municipal elections (mayor, city council, and city board of education): Jan. 10-24, 2017

Additional Information

Alabama Ethics Commission


Secretary of State Candidate Resources


Alabama Voter Complaint Form

Campaign/Election Sign Regulations



The City Clerk is the local elections administrator, and coordinates with the County of Tuscaloosa and the City's election consultant in the organization and conduct of Municipal Elections. 

This includes, but is not limited to: 

• Preparation of necessary resolutions calling General or Special Municipal Elections 

• The coordination of the candidate qualifying process, ballot preparation 

• Recruitment and training of election workers 

• Canvassing and certification of election results 

The City of Tuscaloosa is a mayor-council form of government. The mayor and seven council members are elected every 4 years. The City is divided into seven districts, with a council member elected from each district, and the mayor elected from the City at large.

Inauguration day for newly elected officials is Monday, May 22.